Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring Feva!

It snowed 2 inches again last night. Why? Why does it have to snow in the spring? I'm tired of sweaters and jackets and mittens and hats. I want to knit a lovely spring shawl and wear that instead.
Lynn wants to learn how to knit too. I'm so excited! She separated from her husband about a year ago, and I feel like knitting will help her "come to terms with it" if that's possible. She loves to meditate, and when I knit in a quiet room (not at SnB, for example), it can be somewhat meditative for me too. This is especially true when I'm working on a prayer shawl or other item for a dear friend. Anyway, I'm really eager to get her started.
Speaking of shawls, I bought A Gathering of Lace last night, and I love it. I'm so inspired to knit my first lace project. I don't have the yarn for one yet, so I was online last night looking at prices (does anyone know dollars to pounds conversion?). In my search, I found Wedding Ring Shawl patterns that are absolutely gorgeous! That is truly my inspiration now. I am dying to knit one of these wonderful, spiderwebby things. I found a blog that I've included on this site that I'm sure will keep me going through this ambition. Her patterns and projects are beautiful! Someday I will knit like that, but for now, I'll just ogle at other things people have done and live vicariously through them. And then I'll knit one of my own. Or two. I do have some fugly lace-type yarn, so maybe I'll do a practice shawl with that to see if I can do it. That would be three projects on the needles.
I get to go to the yarn store again today. If you'll remember, I bought 12 balls of lovely mohair, but after looking at various lacy shawl patterns, I realized it may not be enough, so I put the other 8 balls they had in the store on hold. Now I have 20 balls of the stuff, and not a project in mind. Clearly I am catching on to this yarn stash concept, and I like it. I think going to the yarn store will get me through my day today.
Tonight I pack to go home for the weekend. I'm really excited to get going and be there. I'm looking forward to spending Tim's birthday with him too since I missed last year. I just have to figure out which knitting project to take with me. Probably all three!

Thursday's Mantra: I will not give in...I will not give in...I will not give in...

Not really sure why I picked this one. It just popped into my head, so it must be what I need to do.

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CraftyGryphon said...

Oh, wow... thanks for the link to MissAliceFaye. You're right, her stuff is just amazing!