Thursday, March 13, 2008

Alanna Update

After reading an update on Alanna online last night, I found out that the radiation, although it is preventing the tumors in her body from growing, it is not fast enough to prevent them from forming. The cancer has spread through bone, her lymph system, and soft tissue. She is unable to use chemotherapy as an option, because when she tried that last summer, she was in a coma for three days. Their next option is hospice.
After I read the update, I had to just sit at my computer and cry for a bit. While I'm sad for Alanna, I think she's actually come to terms with her imminent passing; my heart goes out to her family. Jim and those babies (13 and 15) are far too young to lose their wife and mother.
The prayer shawl is nearly done. I'm ready to start the third skein tonight. While I knit, I pray for Alanna's peace and comfort. I don't know what else to pray for because asking God to heal her sounds like "my will be done" instead of His. I don't know why God allows for people to get cancer, but that's not for me to know. My job is to trust that He knows what he is doing and has everything under control.

10:50 AM-The nurse manager on the floor indicated that Alanna is nearing the end.

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Nancy said...

Hey lady,

I am so so so sorry to hear about your friend. I lost my mom when I was 11 - those kids will make it. I also had a co-worker recently die of cancer. It sucks. He was getting better, and then complications from the chemo led to an aneurysm. Totally unfair.