Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I love my knitting group

I went to Flying Star again last night, as I always do to knit, eat, and talk with friends. I love that group. They are such nice gals, and I'm so glad to know them.

I love Nichole's stories and how they make us laugh hysterically.
I love Nancy's smile and her need to make everything perfect even if it means ripping out the heel of a sock, while the rest of us just knit through our mistakes.
I love to watch Morgen work two different colored strands at once while I sit and struggle with my one strand.
I love being in the "air force" with Katie, and trying to convince Paula that she really does want to be a teacher after I've told her a story about how awful the kids were today.
I love saying "what the corn" with Debbie, and hearing Margaret call it "Missoura" instead of "Missouri."
We truly are a "close-knit" group, and I love it.

See you next week, ladies!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Not So Bad

Okay, so I started the Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket over for the fourth or fifth time this weekend, and after leaving the stitch markers in this time, I think I've actually got it. It's actually looking like the pattern, except my yarnovers aren't leaving as big of holes as the picture shows. Oh well. It's a soft, cuddly blanket, and I think it will be perfect for Katie's baby boy that's due in April. I worked on it most of yesterday and some this evening, and it's about 4 inches long so far. At that rate, only 22 days to go! We'll see. I promised Katie that he'd have it before he finished high school. If I like the way this one turns out, I'll knit one for Amy's baby girl, also due in April. If not, it's pattern shopping I go!

A picture of the blanket in all of its 7 inch blueness...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Elegantly Simple.... foot!

This Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket is NOT fun! I started it for the third time tonight, and my aim is to have it done by March 1, or a week from now since I still have to mail it. I keep knitting away at it, hoping that the pattern will show up soon. I have A pattern, I just don't know if it's THE pattern. We'll see. It may be booties after all for these babies...

Goodnight! Early meeting tomorrow!

Monday, February 18, 2008


"Trikotajci" means "knitter" in Turkish.

Today I got back from visiting Husband in Washington, DC. We had a great long weekend and were able to look at some houses together too. I also go acquainted with the metro system in DC, which sounds intimidating until you realize there are only 5 rails, and the only thing you have to do is know how to read a map. It's nearly impossible to get lost on the rail system there. I'm sure I could use it to find a few yarns shops. Oh, and maybe a job too. And the apartment. But only after I've found some yarn shops.

I'm still working on Alanna's prayer shawl. I began a new skein of yarn today, and so far I'm happy with it. I also have ambitions of making two baby blankets before March 8. Katie's shower is on the 1st, and Amy McCollum's is on the 8th. I've yet to start either blanket, and I have my porfolio to finish for work too. They may end up getting a picture from the internet of the blanket in a card with the promise that the little tikes will have their blankets before they finish high school. It would just be nice if I could get them done in time. If only we didn't have to sleep, I could get so much more done.

Speaking of sleep, I suppose that would be a good thing. I just have to peel myself away from ravelry long enough...sleep...sleep...