Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I love my knitting group

I went to Flying Star again last night, as I always do to knit, eat, and talk with friends. I love that group. They are such nice gals, and I'm so glad to know them.

I love Nichole's stories and how they make us laugh hysterically.
I love Nancy's smile and her need to make everything perfect even if it means ripping out the heel of a sock, while the rest of us just knit through our mistakes.
I love to watch Morgen work two different colored strands at once while I sit and struggle with my one strand.
I love being in the "air force" with Katie, and trying to convince Paula that she really does want to be a teacher after I've told her a story about how awful the kids were today.
I love saying "what the corn" with Debbie, and hearing Margaret call it "Missoura" instead of "Missouri."
We truly are a "close-knit" group, and I love it.

See you next week, ladies!

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