Monday, February 25, 2008

Not So Bad

Okay, so I started the Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket over for the fourth or fifth time this weekend, and after leaving the stitch markers in this time, I think I've actually got it. It's actually looking like the pattern, except my yarnovers aren't leaving as big of holes as the picture shows. Oh well. It's a soft, cuddly blanket, and I think it will be perfect for Katie's baby boy that's due in April. I worked on it most of yesterday and some this evening, and it's about 4 inches long so far. At that rate, only 22 days to go! We'll see. I promised Katie that he'd have it before he finished high school. If I like the way this one turns out, I'll knit one for Amy's baby girl, also due in April. If not, it's pattern shopping I go!

A picture of the blanket in all of its 7 inch blueness...

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