Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oh, sloppy day

My arms hurt. Why do my arms hurt? It was step aerobics, and God knows I didn't step with my arms! Maybe they're just jealous because my legs got a better workout than they did. Well, tomorrow is Pilates class, so get ready arms! You have to hold up all of this weight! Then you'll be hurting! Ha! Phhbbbbt!

It's been raining non-stop for two days. Yep. I'm used to rain lasting 15 minutes or so. I drove to work in the dark in the pouring rain everyday this week. If it doesn't stop soon, we're going to have to blow up the air mattress so I can float to work. I just keep thinking, if all this rain were snowflakes, we'd have the rest of the week off! They delay and close schools in every county around Prince William, but the storm always skirts us and we just end up with big sloppy puddles and extra curly hair.

Tim is out of town until Friday, so it's just Dad and me for a couple days.

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Nancy said...

Awesome job with the workouts! I miss you! When do we get to see some pics of the new house?

I run every day, except I take Wednesdays off. Remember to take a break from working out or you will get burned out. Your body also needs rest to build muscles! And when you start building muscles, you burn fat long after the workout is over!