Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm rarin' to go!

Tim rearranged our bedroom on Sunday night. He got a second wind around 10:00 (yes, when we should have been in bed), and moved the dressers around and put all of the junk away. It looks beautiful now, and finally feels like the sanctuary a bedroom should be. I was dying of a sinus infection on the couch, so I just stayed out of his way until about midnight when he decided it was time for bed. It looked like a completely different room! It's lovely, and now the only room that needs major work is the office. I am very happy, and am reminded all the time of why I love this man.

Joined the gym yesterday. Along with the monthly fee, all classes are included, so I've decided to start doing aerobics or spinning classes along with Curves for muscle building. I feel excited to get into a routine for my workouts, and hope I don't fizzle out before I really get going.

It's currently raining here in Virginia, and 33 degrees outside. Pray for it to drop just one degree so it will freeze and we'll have a day off tomorrow! Or a delay. A delay would even be nice.

Off to get rid of my butt.

1 comment:

April said...

aww I miss you!, you're so funny.

I used to rearrange my bedroom late at night-but that was long long ago at my parents house.

Good luck at the gym! I'm here for support all the way!

You want a delay?! Already, didn't you just get back? You sound like my Dad. :)