Friday, April 4, 2008

A Peaceful Protest...

I found a wonderful knitting project yesterday. It's called Stitch for Senate.

From the Stitch for Senate website:

"Stitch for Senate is an initiative of knit hobbyists making helmet liners for every United States Senator. Building on the tradition of wartime knitting, a practice as old as the American Revolution, Stitch for Senate revives this cultural trend by engaging with political officials about the war in Iraq. The Stitch for Senate website will compile testimonies from contributing knitters, that express everything from charity, allegiance, patriotism, resistance, and radicalism; using the tradition of political organizing within knitting circles as a space for storytelling, discussion, exchange and protest. Hobbyists knit in solidarity to persuade elected officials to support the troops by bringing them home. All the senators will receive their own helmet liner before the 2008 Senate race, after being displayed in the seating chart of the US Senate at a Washington DC venue. Once they are received, senators can opt to send helmets to a soldier."

What you do is, knit a helmet liner and send it to a senator via the address on the Stitch for Senate website. This is a form of peaceful protest that encourages senators to vote differently on war issues. The senator can either keep the helmet liner as a reminder, or send it off to a soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan. Being a military wife who's been separated from her husband for almost 2 years total and who has friends overseas now, I feel I need to do this project. I'm not a raging-sign-holder-chanting-protester, but I feel like doing this project for the cause is more productive than holding a sign on a street corner anyway, since a soldier will receive the end product.
I would encourage anyone to sign up for this project and knit for a senator!
Go get 'em and bring our troops home!

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